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DIY Grated Wax Candles

Written By Admin on Saturday, August 2, 2014 | Saturday, August 02, 2014

This is a great idea to make as centrepieces for birthday,new year,Wedding Anniversary ,festival , and other special celebrations at home.So if you have got short candles that you no longer light up at home? The best way to recycle them is to grate them into granules, like this in the picture.
To make this layered candle:
1 - melt wax in batches and color each batch with crayons as they work wonders for dying wax.
2 - Dip a candle wick again and again in any melted colored wax to get a long candle ready.
3 - Dip it in hot wax again and set its end in a wine glass.
4 - Put all the colored wax in separate molds.
5 - Grate them one by one. After that put layers of grated wax in different colors around the long and thin candle in the glass and your layered grated candle is ready. 


To get the full tutorial, click the link below:


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