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DIY Stone Path for Your Garden

Written By Admin on Friday, April 18, 2014 | Friday, April 18, 2014

We will show you today how you can tweak your garden by incorporating a stone pathway. What’s so special about this particular kind is that It is convenient and not messy at all. The key idea is to employ the use of a mold and a color in order to come up with a pathway of your own choice of color.

You will need:
1 -  the mold
2 - cement,
3 - water      
4 -  liquid cement color.

How to:
1 - mix cement in water.
2 -  add liquid cement color
3 -  put the cement in a frame and even it properly so as to remove any air bubbles and gaps.
4 - Once the cement is smoothed remove the frame
5 - continue making the path with the same steps above.

Let the cement stones dry completely before you start walking on them.


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